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 Family &
Community Wellbeing

Welcome to our community!

Tohgo Yoga supports wellbeing for all - Personal, Couple, Family, and the Community such as school and  work space. Using a combination of Yoga, Meditation and Therapy, all uniquely customised according to your needs.

We also provide private sessions of trauma-sensitive Meditative inquiry using iRest®, and Couple or Parent and Child sessions using Imago Therapy.

Facilitated by experienced instructor Yumi Drozdowski, Tohgo’s courses and coaching programmes will take you on a journey towards personal peace and more harmonious, connected relationships.

Meditation for Deep Sleep

Duration 20 min

Sleep disorders are a serious problem in today’s busy world. Lack of sleep can impact all areas of your life. This relaxing guided Meditation to help you fall asleep, improve the quality of your sleep, and leave you feel more rested and ready to face the day.

Available in English and Japanese.

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Please be aware of the starting time is based on NZ time. NZ is in day light saving from 

26/Sep till 3/Apr.