Our Holistic Approach

As we learn to live in today’s ‘new normal’, feeling peace at home is more important than ever for our wellbeing.​ Tohgo Yoga was created to support this new way of being: a family friendly place where everyone can recharge on a regular basis, and connect with calm and equanimity. 

Yoga and meditation balance our nervous system. They allow us to feel space and clarity within us, rather than tension and uncertainty, kindness rather than judgment. Through these regular mindful practices, we can bring more peace into our family. 

All Tohgo Yoga Classes & Courses  are perfect for beginners. They are designed to help you meet life’s challenges and live in a more harmonious way.

Our Coaching Programs for couples and families use structured dialogue based on Imago therapy, enabling safe and mindful communication with each family    member.

​Happiness and connectedness are already part of our essential nature. While we tend to search for them outside, they can in fact be found within us. Tohgo’s practice emphasises ‘deep listening’ – both within yourself and with your family members – so you can finally stop searching and reconnect with your wholeness.

​​Throughout the journey, Yumi will provide support, creating positive spirals and helping you establish empowering relationships with those around you.

The Healing Journey Map below explains more about our approach.

Couple Holding Hands
Family Walking On the Beach

Healing Journey



Observing through Meditation


A Ha!!
I see things clearly


Longing for Connection

Deep listening through Dialogue

I see you.
Feeling of connection

Sense of Gratitude & Compassion arises


Understanding the difference

Connecting with Mother Earth

Now my cup is full,

I can help the world.


Earth and Space

"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."

Sri Ramana Maharshi