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Yumi Drozdowski

Tohgo Yoga was established by Yumi Drozdowski in 2015. Originally from Kumamoto in Japan, Yumi now lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her husband Simon and their two daughters.  

Yumi’s own spiritual journey began in 2008, when she and Simon lost their baby son, Togho 闘護. What Yumi shares through Tohgo Yoga are the discoveries she made on her path towards peace and wholeness no matter what life presents us. Her goal is to bring that same healing, love and harmony into the lives of others.

Tohgo 統合 in Japanese means ‘integration’. Yumi is passionate about exploring how we can better manage what life throws at us through deep listening, using a combination of yoga, meditation and dialogue. 

Yumi is passionate to offer customised Wellbeing program to Corporate, Hospital staff and High school students. Online Classes & Courses and Coaching Programms incorporate gentle yoga and breathing exercise, iRest Meditation and the principles of Imago Relationship Therapy. By providing a safe space for personal healing and growth, Tohgo helps better communication and deeper connection between partners, families, communities and further into the world. 

​Yumi teaches classes in both English and Japanese, to a yoga community of all ages.

She assists official iRest Retreat and courses in both New Zealand and Japan, working with her mentor and iRest Senior Trainer, Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota. She also assists official Imago Couple's workshop in Auckland and Wellington.

Yumi’s qualifications include:

​ -  500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, Contemporary Yoga Centre, New Zealand

    (Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Somatic Exercise, Mindfulness & Meditation)

​ -  Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher

 -  Imago Relationship Therapy,  Level1 Facilitator 

 -  Currently completing qualification to become a certified Imago Facilitator

 -  Reiki Master

Yumi Drozdowski
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