Family Retreat

Family is the foundation of communities. Family's wellbeing is critical for individual to feel safe and connected to thrive with full potential. The recent pandemic, together with today’s fast changing world, make it more important than ever to pause and listen to our inner world. This is a one month programme designed to bring harmony back to family life.

Your customised ‘retreat’ will include a combination of our services, designed to meet your family’s needs and cost effective.


1 Month Family Retreat (NZ$250) Includes:

  • 30 minute initial consultation:
    To find out more about your family and the challenges you’re facing, so we can create the best programme to meet your needs.

  • 2x 1 hour Private Family Sessions of relationship therapy (based on Imago therapy):
    These sessions will help you reconnect with one another. We create a safe space for a couple or a parent and child to communicate. Through this practice, everyone will feel listened to and heard. 

  • 4x Weekly Community Yoga, Meditation & Dialogue sessions (for parents):
    We must fill our own cup before serving others. This is YOUR time to nourish your wellbeing.          Balancing out our nervous system, sleeping well and being content are our priorities. You will then be able to respond to any situation positively, rather than being reactive.

  • 4x Weekly Teen’s Mindfulness Class (For teenagers in the family):
    These online mindfulness classes will help your teens take some time out from devices and constant mind chatting, and learn to simply be in the present moment.

  • 4x Weekly Kids Mindfulness Class (For young children aged 6-12):        

This is a short (20-30min) weekly class for young children, available in English and Japanese.

How to book...
  1. Click Book Now below to purchase a membership for the Family Retreat (select your membership according to your preferred language, English or Japanese). 

  2. Go to Classes & Courses to book for an appointment for your 30 minute Family Retreat Initial Consultation.​ You will receive a zoom link via email.


         Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or want to find out more.