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Walking Meditation during Lockdown

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Go outside, awaken your senses

How can we bring our meditation practice during lockdown?

Meditation doesn't have to be only in the form of sitting or lying down.

Have you ever heard of "walking meditation"?

You can get the same effects, maybe even better as you are active in the fresh air, less likely to become sleepy.

To begin, be aware of your weight through the soles of your feet into the earth and start walking very slowly. Be aware of all the subtle movements as you walk.

For example, right heel comes up, arch is raised, weight onto the toes, toes come off the ground, right foot is raised, leg moves forward, right heel is lowered and touches the earth and so forth. Often we take this amazing ability for granted. So just be aware of all the different sensations in your body.

Also you can focus into your other senses such as smelling the aroma outside, the sensation of the warmth of the sun, or coolness in the shadow, winds...Continuously changing visions. The world would start to show up more vividly with full of liveliness!

You might notice the little insects and birds. Sounds...

If your mind starts to wander, just come back to these sensations.

Along the way you will find your own comfortable pace of moving.

Give your busy mind a break and simply enjoy your unique experience of walking with an open and curious mind.

Suggested places during the lockdown are at the beach, spacious park.

Hope you enjoy the experience!

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